Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Poll Shows Vermonters Equally Divided on Vermont Yankee Operation. NRC Meeting Tonight.

A recent poll on energy issues was commissioned by Vermont Business Magazine and two of Vermont's biggest radio and television stations. Results show that 44.8% of Vermonters want the state to continue to try to close Vermont Yankee, and 44.2% want it to keep operating.  10.7% were undecided.

In other poll questions, the merger of Central Vermont Public Service (CVPS) into Gaz Metro/Green Mountain Power was also a split decision: 36.4% support the merger, 28.7% oppose it, and 33.4% were not sure.

In contrast, opinions on returning the CVPS rate-payers money was not an even split. A whopping 66.4% of Vermonters think CVPS customers should be repaid the $21 million that was borrowed from them, while only 23.4%  think the money should be used for weatherization projects. Governor Shumlin wants the weatherization projects.  I wonder if Shumlin would still describe this $21 million as a "quibble"?  See my post yesterday for a fuller description: Gaz Metro: What's in it for Vermont? What's in it for Governor Shumlin?

Finally, Vermonters overwhelmingly support wind turbines (69.4%) and state subsidies for renewable energy (63.1%).

NRC Meeting Tonight

I will be at an NRC meeting this evening in Brattleboro.   Judging by previous NRC meetings in Brattleboro, the opponents are not there to listen: they are there to hold an anti-nuclear rally, with a built-in audience.  Judging by a recent NRC meeting for Indian Point, opponents are going to be out in force with signs and costumes.

It cheers me up that this poll came out today.  Every year, the NRC meetings are an unpleasant experience, including opponents shouting, booing, and saying that they are behaving this way because--by golly, they come every year and the NRC still hasn't shut the plant down!  The nerve of the NRC!  The NRC is supposed to jump when the opponents say: "jump"!

Still,  I go to the meeting to support the plant. To support nuclear energy.  And to show that mob rule and scapegoating won't work in this country.

It's nice to have read the poll right before I leave for Brattleboro.  Thank you, Vermont Business Magazine, for choosing today to release the results.


jimwg said...

I really wonder how clued-in Vermonters are of the great scenic and natural sacrifice that will have to be made to balm their fears by trading one nuke for hundreds of their much approved unromantic windmills. I doubt the Green Mountain Boys would approve.

James Greenidge

Mary Gerdt said...

Thank you for sharing this info. I appreciate a more balanced reporting of how we Vermonters feel. I often find my voice too small to be noticed. You help give my voice amplification with scientific factual support of sensible clean energy and fairness to ratepayers. Best wishes to you. Mary