Saturday, July 7, 2012

112th Carnival of Nuclear Energy Bloggers Back at Atomic Insights

The 112th Carnival of Nuclear Energy Bloggers is now posted at Atomic Insights.  Rod Adams is hosting the Carnival again, after a too-long absence.

This is a great Carnival.

Dan Yurman of Idaho Samizdat and Margaret Harding of 4FactorConsulting describe the relationship between marketing new nuclear plants world-wide, and U S Certification for these plants.   For example, Russia recently applied for NRC certification on one of its reactor designs. They did this even though very few people think that Russia plans to sell reactors in the United States.

Speaking of plant regulation, Leslie Corrice of Hiroshima Syndrome blog reviews the Japanese Diet Report on Fukushima. Most of it rings true to Corrice, though some important issues are still speculative. Corrice uses both the Diet report and Japanese news media in his post. For the record, Corrice wrote an excellent short book about the First Five Days of Fukushima.  On a similar subject, at ANS Nuclear Cafe, Rod Adams describes the low-level radiation report from the recent ANS meeting. This data should allow  the return of far more people to the Fukushima area. A controversial session and a controversial post!  Adams doesn't mince words about the way LNT threshold theories have affected people's lives--for the worse.

In lighter fare, at Yes Vermont Yankee,  I show the state of Vermont making the foolish choice to join an intervenor lawsuit against the NRC.  The lawsuit was about water quality permits, and the state and the intervenors lost big-time.  When the NRC won, Vermont Yankee won also.  After all, the point of the lawsuit had been to force the NRC to shut down Vermont Yankee.

Some more light fare, including fare you can eat.  Health food! Back to bananas!  A new blog on Science and Technology, by Dr. Robert Hayes, has a post on Radioactive Food.  Many "healthy foods" are more radioactive than "junk foods."  It's the potassium.

Oh, I can't resist.  I have to show this picture I took at an anti-Vermont Yankee rally a few years ago.  The bicyclists are filling up on bananas before starting their "Race to Replace" Vermont Yankee. (You can click on the picture to make it larger.)

Though it's a holiday week, it's been a great week for substantive blog posts. We are all glad to see Rod Adams hosting the Carnival!

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aihflvt said...

Way too many of my fellow Southeastern Vermonters are so shortsighted and fail to consider the economic effects of closing VY - effects that go beyond our state and regional boundaries. I've since given up even trying to have rational discourse with these people as it usually results in having nonsensical epithets shouted at me. Thank you for this important blog, though. I have a feeling there are more people who feel this way out there than the local media would like to let on.