Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Comments to the Public Service Board by Tomorrow

Important Update

Appeals Court Rules for Vermont Yankee!

In a sixty-page ruling, the federal appeals court upheld the lower court ruling that the state had overstepped its authority in attempting to shut down Vermont Yankee.

Here's a link to the WCAX story on the ruling, which includes a short video.  Here's a link to the ruling itself.  Here's the AP story by Dave Gram, with some excellent quotes from the ruling.

I have not read the entire ruling, but it apparently affirms the role of the state Public Service Board in approving Vermont Yankee.  So comments to the PSB are still VERY useful and important!  So send in your comments!  Here's the link to the comment form for this docket.

Comments in Favor of a Certificate of Public Good

Howard Shaffer
At a Rally for VY
Vermont Yankee requires a Certificate of Public Good from the Vermont Public Service Board  in order to continue to operate.  The Board is still accepting public comments regarding the petition. The Board does read all the comments.

As far as I can tell, comments will be accepted through the end of the month, but it is best if they are sent by Thursday, August 15. That is TOMORROW.  (The PSB schedule is a bit unclear, and comments may be  accepted later than tomorrow, but better to be safe than sorry.)

Send your comments by tomorrow night, if you can.

You can submit a comment by clicking here.

How to Get Started

Use your own perspective in your comments.  For example, if you are concerned with global warming, you might want to comment about Vermont Yankee's low-carbon electricity.  If you are involved in real estate, you could discuss the impacts the closure of the facility would have on property values in the area.

Please share this link with friends and family and encourage them to voice their support as well.

Short Comments are Fine!

Long, thoughtful comments are always very welcome, but one or two sentences in support of the plant are very helpful.  You can write a great letter, or you can write a short postcard!  We have some inspirational comments below. 

Peter Lothes
Speaking at November PSB hearing
Inspiration from Others

Here are links to three (of many) inspiring comments made to the Public Service Board in favor of the Certificate.

Dianne Amme's excellent short comment: Affordable, Reliable Electricity 
Peter Lothes comment on Vermont Yankee versus other sources: Power, Carbon and Costs
Lindsay Rose on economics: Young Workers in Windham County

The Importance of Vermont Yankee

Here are some facts about Vermont Yankee that may be helpful to your writing.

Vermont Yankee is a key component of the area's economy and community.  Here are a few reasons why its operation until 2032 is important for the region:

  • Vermont Yankee is a valuable employer. It provides more than 600 jobs in the area, and is a key source of clean and affordable electricity for the region.
  • Vermont Yankee provides millions of dollars of revenue for state and local government, as well as donating tens of thousands of dollars to local non-profits.
  • Vermont Yankee provides both jobs and critical economic activity for the State of Vermont. Closing the plant would undoubtedly cause many young Vermonters to leave the state in search of jobs.
  • Vermont Yankee is a clean, low-carbon manufacturer power source and will be a critical element of Vermont's energy future. The plant's ongoing operation can help incorporate new sources of clean and reliable power while stabilizing electric rates.
  • Dianne Amme speaking
    at November PSB hearing
  • Unlike coal and gas plants, Vermont Yankee is a very low-carbon energy source.  It also avoids the many types of air pollution (acid gases, particulates) of most other base-load sources of power.

Just Do It!

Make sure the Public Service Board hears what YOU have to say!


trag said...

Are comments to the PSB from people outside of Vermont useful?

Meredith Angwin said...


Good question, and I have thought about it. My conclusion is that comments from people outside the state ARE useful. Not as good as within the state, but you must understand that in the hearings and the demonstrations and the marches....about half the people come from Massachusetts. I mean, they often even come by bus. So if the PSB listens to their comments (and no, they don't all live within ten miles of the plant), it has to listen to other people's comments too.

Plus, I had someone from Massachusetts tell me that I, Meredith Angwin, shouldn't share my opinion because SHE lives closer to the plant than I do, even if I DO live in Vermont! Give me a break.

My feeling: everybody comment, and let the PSB decide if it is relevant. If they listen to those monks from somewhere deep in Massachusetts, they should listen to you, too.

That is my opinion.

So far, most of the people commenting for the plant have been people in VT.

trag said...

Okay, I left a rather long comment. I hope they read it. It's too long for these comments (>4096 characters) but I wrote a couple of paragraphs about why VY is great. A section about how the electricity must come from somewhere. A paragraph or two each on why Quebec, renewables, coal and natural gas are not viable substitutes. And finally a section about ignoring the theory and looking at the real world with a compare and contrast of Germany's and Frnace's energy policies and results.

Which should Vermont emulate? Dirty expensive Germany? Or clean affordable France?

I hope it helps.

Meredith Angwin said...


I am very glad you made a great, thoughtful comment to the PSB. I think it will help.

I think everything helps: short simple comments, long thoughtful comments, comments from people who live next to the plant, comments from people who live some distance away.


I am so glad you did this.