Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Update: Nuclear Career Opportunities. ANS hosts local meetings

The American Nuclear Society Northeastern Section is holding two meetings in September. These meetings are basically job fairs.

The first meeting is at the University of Rhode Island on Wednesday, September 17. The second will be at UMass Lowell (probably closer for most of us) on Tuesday September 30.

Here's the flyer about the Rhode Island meeting. It's a jpg, so the links don't work, but the links work in the web announcement.

Thinking about these meetings, I note that they are both on college campuses. Therefore, the meeting may be aimed at less experienced workers.  However, local nuclear company representatives will be there, and the companies have openings at many levels.  I think this is a splendid opportunity to talk to people from local nuclear companies: companies that are recruiting!

Note: I have just updated this post with a link to the information on the September 30 meeting in Massachusetts.