Saturday, January 17, 2015

Video of Interviews with Vermont Yankee People

Entergy made a short video of interviews with Vermont Yankee employees. The video was filmed on the last day of plant operations.

Vermont Yankee was a well-maintained plant. It was a plant where people worked together. A sad video. But it is an opportunity to hear the voices of the employees themselves.

Vermont Yankee Employee Thoughts on Closing from Entergy Corp. on Vimeo.


jimwg said...

Just maybe it would've made a human-interest difference at least had such a video aired just a few years ago. An object lesson for other plants currently under siege.

James Greenidge
Queens NY

Meredith Angwin said...


Entergy actually did something like this in 2010- 2011. It had a web site and some spot ads featuring VY people, their jobs, their hobbies, in one case a father and daughter who both worked at the plant. The campaign was called "I AM VY."

Unfortunately, one of the people who was featured in those ads was accused of lying by the antis, and they made a big thing of it. He had answered a question incorrectly, but he had not lied. However,if you read Rules for Radicals by Alinsky, one of the rules is to attack individuals rather than organizations, because individuals can be hurt more easily. Rules for Radicals says that attacking people is "cruel but effective." (or words to that effect).