Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cheerful News for a Beautiful Evening: Japan, Larry Smith of Entergy, and EPR Video from Areva

News from Japan: Japan Restarts Two Reactors

According to USA Today, Japan will almost certainly start two reactors this weekend.  The mayor of the local town signed off on the plan.  Read about the restart of the two Ohi reactors here.

Brattleboro Reformer article about Larry Smith, Vermont Yankee spokesman

Josh Stilts of the Brattleboro Reformer has a thoughtful, wonderful article about Larry Smith, Vermont Yankee spokesman. Smith is retiring at the end of this week. The article describes Smith's hungry early days and his later work to set up Feed the Thousands in Brattleboro. It also describes the stresses of being spokesman for Vermont Yankee. Smith had a stress-related stroke in 2007. As Entergy spokesman, he has been called "Larry the Liar of Louisiana" (and worse).  Smith regains perspective through his charitable work: serving meals or working at Feed the Thousands

This is a terrific article. It's much more complete than my recent blog post about Larry named as Man of the Year by the Brattleboro Chamber of Commerce. From this article, it is clear why Governor Shumlin said that Larry Smith has done more for those in need than anyone in this state.

Areva Advanced Reactor Video

Areva is building four EPRs around the world, in Finland, France and China.  I'm not glossing over the fact that the European builds are behind on budget and schedule. Still, these are the first Gen III's to be built.  Reactors with these types of safety feature will be part of the future of nuclear energy.

Areva just prepared a video about EPR safety features.  I think it is worth watching.


Jaro Franta said...

Depending on how you define "Gen III", the EPRs may not be the first to be built:
The VVER-1000's built in China & India have some safety features similar to EPRs -- for example a molten core catcher.

Meredith Angwin said...

Jaro. You are right. I could try to define myself out of this mistake ("Are the VVER's really Gen III, after all?") but instead I stand corrected. Thank you for pointing out that even more Gen III builds are happening!