Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New look for the blog: NOT temporary orange

I use Blogger for this blog: it's a free service from Google.  When I started my blog, I chose their simplest template, which had some touches of color but was mainly black and white.  To my surprise, a few days ago, they changed all such blogs to a new template that was practically colorless. I didn't like it.

I could have changed back to the older template perhaps, but their new templates have some useful features. So I chose  one of the new templates.  The orange one.

Someday soon, I have to rethink all this.  I need to get a banner, maybe have a different format. There's no question the layout of this blog could be improved.  However, for right now, this is it.

It's temporary orange.

Update: No, it's not orange. I changed to orange, but I decided that all that orange was distracting.  I'm trying this template, and I hope it will last for a while!  I wish I were better about layout and color and so forth.

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