Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Energy Reality Project Hosts the Carnival of Nuclear Bloggers

The Carnival

The 196th Carnival of Nuclear Energy Bloggers is at the Energy Reality Project blog this month.  I don't usually call out the Carnival as a post at this blog, but this is the first time the Energy Reality Project has hosted it.

You just have to love a site with the motto: 4.5 Billion Years of Reality Continues.

I encourage you to read the Carnival, which includes James Conca at Forbes on "Do We Really Need Fusion Power?" Margaret Harding at her own blog on "Kill the Goose that Lays the Golden Egg" (about Vermont Yankee!), Rod Adams at ANS Nuclear Cafe on "How Can We Stop Premature Nuclear Plant Closures" and Leslie Corrice at his blog on "Background Information on  Tritium." And there's more, of course!  Visit the Carnival!

The Energy Reality Project

However, I also want to introduce you to the Energy Reality Project itself, founded by Rick Maltese.  The Project site a compendium of links and up-to-date information, a blog and more.  What's the "more"?  The "more" is that the Project is more than a website.

You can join the Project: it now has members  all over the world.  Future plans include  linking members together in their geographical areas. In other words, a real grassroots movement for energy sanity.

Visit and join!
Note: This week, I am busy with a cheerful family visit. I expect to have very few (possibly zero) blog postings.


Robert said...

Meredith, I have an idea to promote nuclear power - Ellen's Energy Adventure at the Universe of Energy at Epcot. I want Westinghouse to sponsor it. Here is what I wrote to them, maybe you and a lot of other people can write a note like it and who knows, they might do it!

Dear Mr. Broderick,
I was at Walt Disney World recently and was impressed with the Universe of Energy pavilion. But the ride, Ellen's Energy Adventure needs an update. In it Bill Nye mentions nuclear energy is "expensive and controversial" but not much else. I think it would be great if Westinghouse could be a sponsor (there is no sponsor now) and be part of an update or replacement of Ellens Energy Adventure. The pavilion was better when it had Exxon as a sponsor and Exxon also had hands-on exhibits in the neighboring Communicore building. Why not have nuclear power parts and exhibits in what is now Innoventions? Actually, the present film implies that renewables and fossil fuels are limited, making nuclear look good. I would love to see, on my next trip to Epcot, A Universe of Energy sponsored by Westinghouse and hands on activities in Innoventions. Please give Disney a call about this, thank you

Meredith Angwin said...


Great idea. I am on semi-vacation this week. I have forwarded the email that contains your comment to a friend who I THINK actually knows Broderick. I hope something will come of this!

A little-known fact is that Walt Disney wanted to build a small reactor at the Florida Disney World site. He was pro-nuclear.

"The Improvement District has far-reaching powers. Through the District, Disney could construct almost anything within its borders, including a nuclear power plant (which it never built, opting instead for a more traditional plant that supplements power from outside of the District)."

jimwg said...

"A little-known fact is that Walt Disney wanted to build a small reactor at the Florida Disney World site. He was pro-nuclear."

Solely by memory vis-a-vis Walter Cronkite's "The 21st Century" series,
I believe this was Disney's original EPCOT City (which never really came to be either) idea inspired by the New York World's Fair where GE had a faux "fusion reactor" exhibit on display. Walt was also heavy into nuclear mole melting (as opposed just boreing) tunneling machines and trains and rocket ships -- he was supporter of the water propelled nuclear rocket in Destination Moon. That his sons didn't carry this passion even as just a nuclear cheerleader is a mega-loss to public perception of nuclear power.

James Greenidge
Queens NY