Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Intergrating Renewable Resources: ISO-NE Consumer Group Meeting October 9, New Hampshire

The Consumer Liaison Group 

The purpose of the Consumer Liaison Group (CLG) is to be the voice of the electricity consumer in advising the grid operator, ISO-NE. As you can see by this page in their website, ISO-NE has many advisory and working groups, including groups on marketing, transmission, and planning  As you can read in this CLG annual reportThe Consumer Liaison Group (CLG) is a forum for sharing information between ISO New England (ISO) and those who ultimately use and pay for electricity in New England.

I am the Vermont representative to the Coordinating Committee of the CLG.  I used to be one of two representatives (states can have several representatives) but the representative from the Department of Public Service recently resigned.  I expect another representative will be nominated soon.

The Upcoming Meeting in New Hampshire

The next CLG meeting will take place on October 9 in New Hampshire (announcement above). The subject of this meeting is the important issue of integrating renewables to the grid.

CLG meetings rotate between the six New England states, along with frequent meetings in Boston.  Here's my description of the meeting in Vermont in March, when I was the panel chair.  Here is the official (and excellent) summary of the Vermont meeting.

Gus Fromuth, New Hampshire representative, will chair the panel for the upcoming meeting.  Here's a link to the meeting agenda, including call-in information if you can't attend in person.

Somewhat surprisingly, a representative from Green Mountain Power will be on the panel, though Green Mountain Power only operates in Vermont, not New Hampshire.  However, the meeting panels address regional issues, as well as state issues.

The meetings are free and open to the public.  They usually provide a lunch, so it is best to register in advance. It is not-good, seriously not-good, to register and be a no-show (wastes the cost of a lunch).  On the other hand, you can come at the last minute and I encourage you to come.  There's always room at the meeting.  The worst that can happen if you show up at the last minute would be---you don't get lunch.  (But there's usually plenty of food. )  Note: You can call in, if you can't attend in person.


For technical reasons  (I can't mount a pdf on a blogspot post, so I have to play with it), the links in the announcement above do not work.   Here are the links from the announcement, in the order in which they appear on the announcement.

Sheraton Portsmouth Harborside Hotel

CLG and CLG webpage


Mary Louise "Weezie" Nuara email mnuara@iso-ne.com

I hope to see you in New Hampshire!

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