Monday, August 15, 2011

Addition to the Blog Roll: Nuclear Clean Air Blog

Today, I visited the Nuclear Clean Air Energy website and added the Nuclear Clean Air Energy blog to my blog roll.

I have been aware of this site for quite a while. Entergy is one of the major sponsors, and Nuclear Clean Air sponsors a really cool race car, with a really cool driver, Simona de Silvestro. Women Impacting Public Policy, a women's business organization, is also a partner with Nuclear Clean Air. I am happy to have this blog on my blog roll.


I am also a little embarrassed to be adding the blog today. You see, this morning's Nuclear Clean Air Energy post was about MY blog, specifically about the post with the slide show on Vermont's Energy Future. The title of the Nuclear Clean Air post is Lessons for Vermonters is Good for All Americans. The post, by Margie Jepson, ends with these sentences:

I read something this weekend: “We live in a society bloated with data but starved for wisdom.” That is from ethnographer Elizabeth Lindsey.

We must keep nuclear in the mix for the future of our planet. Wisdom about nuclear through education is the mission. Take a listen to Meredith.

Look, I know I should have added this blog before Jepson wrote that about my slide show! Right now, I am both blushing from the praise, and blushing because I didn't add the blog before.

I've added the blog to my blog roll. Better late than never!

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Travelogue for the Universe said...

Nice link! It's all true about you, be proud! We Vermonters need the voice de reason!