Friday, August 12, 2011

Nuclear Song Videos: Spiritual and Rap

Having posted a serious video yesterday about Vermont Yankee, I thought I would post some short videos today.

Spiritual first:

Thanks to the twitter stream of @NukeRoadie for leading me to this video: Nuclear Power Song by Environment Man. A very familiar tune.

"Chernobyl my fears relieved...How precious did that dome appear..."

Rap Later:

As one You Tube leads on to another. Nuclear Power Rap. I believe this is by tmntlegacy?

"Nuclear is the future. Stop gassing man, you're gassing because you're a coward"

More Music

Previous blog posts featured another Nuclear Power Rap and the rollicking Ways to Save a Millirem.

Some non-musical links

  • My recent video about Vermont Yankee has also been posted at The Energy Collective.
  • Howard Shaffer has a post on Old Tactics and New Approaches in the Vermont Yankee battle: this post is at ANS Nuclear Cafe.
  • I have a post about the Shumlin Fish Story at True North Reports: Shumlin's fish story is not good for his lawsuit story.
  • At Vermont Tiger, John McClaughry asks What About the Milk? Comparing radiation dosage from Shumlin's Fish to the dosage in ordinary milk (from the naturally radioactive potassium in the milk).


Travelogue for the Universe said...

Thanks for sharing. Have a great day! Mary

Meredith Angwin said...

Glad you liked it, Mary!

Anonymous said...

I like Nuclear power but ... don't quit your day job.