Sunday, September 23, 2012

123rd Carnival of Nuclear Energy Bloggers posted at Hiroshima Syndrome blog

The 123rd Carnival of Nuclear Energy Bloggers is up at Hiroshima Syndrome.  Leslie Corrice has done a great job of putting the Carnival together!

Plus, Corrice has made my job of announcing the Carnival much easier.  I always try to put up a brief summary of the posts.  This week, Corrice has provided an excellent summary!  Here it is.

The Hiroshima Syndrome is proud to host this week’s Carnival of Nuclear Energy Bloggers, listing the reports posted by the internet’s most prominent nuclear bloggers during the past week. 
The Carnival of Nuclear Bloggers has existed for more than two years and is a mainstay of nuclear information for thousands of interested readers. Each listed blog is summarized and the URL link given, making it easy to find and read the full reports.  
This week’s topics include; Vermont Yankee continues to operate despite a legal challenge, several perspectives concerning the impact of Japan’s new energy policy on its nuclear plants, what politicians can learn about nuclear energy from experts, and how “all the above” may not be the best energy choice.

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