Monday, September 3, 2012

Nuclear Energy Blog Carnival 120 At Hiroshima Syndrome Blog

The 120th Carnival of Nuclear Energy Bloggers is now up at The Hiroshima Syndrome.  Leslie Corrice is hosting the Carnival for the first time, and he has put together a great group of posts for your reading pleasure!

Gail Marcus discusses Riot versus Reason (or you might say, mob rule versus orderly decision-making). Will Davis of Atomic Power Review interviews Matt Miles of Babcock & Wilcox about mPower,

Rod Adams of Atomic Insights describes the probably future of natural gas prices (sky-rocketing prices) and Steve Skutnik of Neutron Economy has a post arguing that Adams' post is wishful thinking about natural gas pricing. And there's more, much more!

Rick Maltese of ThoriumMSR and I post about the LFTR thorium reactor. Maltese wants to know why leaders aren't showing, you know, leadership about thorium. (That is a good question.) I review the recent book by Robert Hargraves: THORIUM: energy cheaper than coal.

Brian Wang at Next Big Future describes improved nuclear fuel, and Margaret Harding of 4factor consulting writes an open letter to the Wall Street Journal.  Will Davis described the Dresden Station Technical Tour at ANS Nuclear Cafe, while I describe the search for nuclear happiness (as an activist).

Steve Aplin of Canadian Energy Issues describes delays (death by delay...I hope not...) Brian Wang of Next Big Future describes other types of Small Modular Reactors, and Rod Adams talks about Energy Subsidies at the Atomic Show podcast.

It's a great Carnival.  Something for everyone, from policy to fuel to LFTRs to natural gas! Come visit!

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