Sunday, April 15, 2012

100th Carnival of Nuclear Energy at Atomic Power Review

The 100th Carnival of Nuclear Energy Bloggers is up at Atomic Power Review. This 100th edition is a big event for the nuclear blogosphere, and many of us saved important announcements and new launches for this Carnival.

For weeks now, Will Davis at Atomic Power Review has been asking bloggers: "Do you have something good? Do you have something new?" I saved my "All of Vermont Wins" post for this Carnival, because I am very proud of it. The quality of the other people's posts is even better! This is truly a carnival to read.

Three New Launches

There are three important new launches in this Carnival.

First, the Nuclear Literacy Project (NLP) launch was announced in this Carnival, and its website went live for the Carnival! The NLP site includes fun facts, quizzes, information, art (PopAtomic Studios) and a blog. The first blog post is an eye-witness account of a Helen Caldicott lecture. Faced with actual questions, Caldicott grew upset, refused to answer, and left the stage suddenly. After she left, the audience members had mutually informative conversations about nuclear energy! Welcome, Nuclear Literacy Project and its blog!

Second, Leslie Corrice of Hiroshima Syndrome blog wrote an excellent short book on what happened, reactor by reactor, at Fukushima at the beginning of the accident: Fukushima, the First Five Days. You can buy the book from him very inexpensively...this is an operator's look at Fukushima, and very valuable. Here's the link to the book description and purchase page. This hour by hour review from operator notes is something you will not see anywhere else.

Third, a new blog, Entreprenuclear, about nuclear energy and the entrepreneurial spirit. Those of you who know that Rod Adams once started his own company, Adams Atomic Engines, will recognize this attitude.

The Regular Blogs

All the other entries are very high quality. Gail Marcus on Japan. Brian Wang on the five-year future for energy use world-wide. Cheryl Rofer's eyewitness account of a visit to the Trinity Site, which is open for visitors twice a year. Dan Yurman reviews the "stretch goals" of new nuclear companies like FLIBE.

And more, of course.

This is a Carnival to remember. Read the 100th Carnival of Nuclear Energy!


By the way, the president of the American Nuclear Society and a leader at the Nuclear Energy Institute wrote tributes to the bloggers and the Carnival. You can read these tributes in the Carnival. They look at the blogosphere from a broader perspective. Also, they praise the bloggers, and everyone likes being praised. At least, I do.

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Will Davis said...

I think you hit a home run with your blog post contribution to the Carnival - Bravo!!!