Monday, April 16, 2012

Welcome to the Nuclear Literacy Project

The Nuclear Literacy Project (NLP) launched yesterday. Quoting Rod Adams great post about NLP:

The site is designed to appeal to curious people who do not have preconceived notions, but really want to learn more about nuclear energy and radiation.

When you visit the site, please make sure that you read about the NLP History, watch a few of the posted videos, scroll through the fast facts and take a quiz to test your own nuclear knowledge.

If you are already a nuclear professional and know everything you need to know about the topic, you should instead consider making a tax deductible contribution to the project.

Why This Project Is Important

I am on the Board of Directors of the organization of which this project is a part: PopAtomic Studios. In my opinion, this project is important because it will tell the story of nuclear energy in blog posts and in apps and in quizzes and in art. The founder of the project, Suzy Hobbs Baker, is a hero of mine.

She's a YOUNG hero of mine! And that is another reason this project is important. It is written in the voice and diction of youth. It is a project built by people who want a better world in the future, and will be hanging around in the future long enough to enjoy it.

I meet many anti-nuclear activists, who were "arrested at Shoreham" or have been "against nuclear power since the 70s." This is the older generation, with the older prejudices. Hey, I am a grandma myself, nothing against older people in general! But we are not the future. We can't be.

Instead of thinking about people with long gray hair and getting all depressed, I prefer to think of the nuclear literacy project with its youthful mix of programming and art and fun and facts. This Nuclear Literacy Project is exactly what the nuclear industry needs.

My Favorite Things on the Website

Kaille Metzger describing a meeting where honest questioning completely discombobulated Helen Caldicott.

Any of the videos (except maybe Bill Gates)

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