Sunday, March 28, 2010

Summing It Up

Excellent information in two recent summaries, posted in the last three days.

Vermont Yankee for Beginners

Dr. Robert Hargraves, a friend of mine, gave a twenty minute talk on Vermont Yankee last week, speaking to the Rotary Club in Hanover, New Hampshire. Bob covered a quick history of Vermont Yankee, put the tritium issue in perspective, pointed out funding sources of the VY opponents, and demolished the simplistic arguments for replacing VY with renewables. All in less than twenty minutes! Here's a link to his slides with a voice-over.

Piping for Experts

My most recent post includes a video clip of the Entergy briefing that explained how they found and fixed the leak of tritiated water. In that briefing, Mr. Savoff of Entergy used a video animation to show the pipes, their position, the drain, the wells, the geology showing that the test wells are separated from potable groundwater by a layer of bedrock. The link below will bring you to the animation he used, which is somewhat self-explanatory.

However, there is no audio portion to this animation. For the full explanation, you would have to watch the press briefing clip on my previous post. But that briefing runs for an hour, while you can move through the animation video below in a much shorter time. (You don't really have to be an expert to watch this animation, but without a voice-over, it is definitely more an advanced-course event than Bob's video.)

Television set graphic Wikimedia, GNU Lesser License

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