Sunday, March 20, 2011

Charities and Bloggers

Cool Hand Nuke has posted the 44th Carnival of Nuclear Energy Blogs. We thank Jeff Madison for putting this edition together. Unlike other Carnivals, he plans frequent updates.

I have also added some charities to my blog design. I have two links to general charities that I believe will be effective in Japan. One is a Jewish charity, and one is the Salvation Army. Also, the nuclear industry, through the American Nuclear Society (ANS) has started a charity for nuclear workers in Japan. The charity is not limited to nuclear workers, but it looks at their needs first. Many of the men working now in Fukushima have no homes to return to. Their homes were washed away. The ANS Japan section (it has sections all over the world) will be involved in distributing contributions effectively. I will write more when I know more.

I post the picture of snow to remind people of the conditions in much of Japan.

Update: I was on a podcast last night of pro-nuclear bloggers discussing Fukushima. One member of the podcast was Margaret Harding. She has appeared recently on many national news programs. Harding headed a safety group at a major nuclear systems vendor before she became a consultant. Other podcast participants were Rod Adams, Gwyneth Cravens, Dan Yurman, and Suzanne Hobbs. Thank you to Rod Adams for hosting the Atomic Show podcast, and for inviting me!

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