Sunday, May 8, 2011

51st Carnival of Nuclear Energy Blogs

The 51st Carnival of Nuclear Energy Blogs is up at Charles Barton's Nuclear Green Revolution Blog. The posts at the Carnival are wide-ranging. Dan Yurman and Rod Adams write about Helen Caldicott's attempt to avoid describing her "sources" while "describing her sources." Charles Barton writes a forward-looking summary of molten salt reactor development. Kirk Sorenson post a review of the first five years of the Energy From Thorium Internet forum. Brian Wang updates several cutting-edge projects, such as fusion and photovoltaics that capture waste heat. Steve Aplin of Canadian Energy Issues describes politics and funding (also known as The Bottom Line) for the nuclear industry in Canada. Meanwhile, Rod Adams follows the money as Royal Dutch Shell declares "The End of Nuclear Power." (They wish!)

Two important posts cover the NRC in this country and its equivalent in Japan. David Bradish reports on hearings about the NRC in the House of Representatives, while Gail Marcus, who lived and worked in Japan, explains the long history of the too-close relationships between regulated industries and their regulators in Japan.

Come to the Carnival. Politics and cutting edge research. Follow-the-Money and five years of collaborative effort on thorium reactors. It's a treat for all!

Post Script: I looked at my blog and realized I haven't posted since I announced last week's Carnival. I have excuses, of course. I think this is the only full-week gap in over a year of blogging. However, as Scarlett O'Hara said: "Tomorrow is another day."

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