Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Local Scene: Shaffer At ANS Nuclear Cafe

Howard C Shaffer III
Today, at ANS Nuclear Café, Howard Shaffer posted about Vermont politics and energy issues--Power Play: People Politics, Electricity, Nuclear.

When Shaffer told me he was going to write an overview post for ANS, my first reaction was "don't!"  Now I am very glad he has written it, and I recommend all readers of this blog to follow the link and read it also.

So why did I say: "don't write it"?  Of course, I was wrong, but why did I say it?

You see, Vermont energy is highly-politicized situation with a constant stream of court cases, events and hearings.  In my own blog, I usually attempt to clarify one aspect or another.  I rarely give overviews.  There's just too much going on (I think). There are court cases, protests, Public Service Board hearings, Vermont State Nuclear Advisory Panel hearings, hearings in various legislative committees, etc. etc.  In my blog, I pick this or I pick that to write about.  Which is nice, of course.

But Shaffer's post shows why we need more than just Meredith's viewpoint.  My one-issue posts don't give the true idea of how wild and political energy policy is in Vermont.  Read Shaffer's post, for everything from the Comprehensive Plan, to wind, to flotillas on the Connecticut River to...well, everything.

Thank you, Howard, for writing this.

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