Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine Videos: One Snarky, One Sincere

Two videos today. A snarky video debunks fear-mongering.  A sincere video is about love.

A good pair.


Let's start with the snarky video.  I want to introduce you to  Thunderf00t, maker of in-your-face videos laughing at people who are reality-challenged about radioactivity.  This is a typical video.


Unfortunately, half his videos seem to be pro-atheism, and they make fun of  religion.  When he makes fun of the religion "nuclear is the worst thing in the world," I am okay with that.  "Anti-nuclear" is a religion of sorts, in my opinion.

However, when Thunderf00t makes fun of regular religions-- well, I believe in free speech, but I don't like the videos.  Just sayin'. Do watch his pro-nuclear videos.

"Fukushima mutated my cat" is one little Valentine present to those who read the blog.


My husband sing in a Barbershop group.  So, as usual, I am spending Valentine's Day alone while he sings love songs to other women.

Okay.  Don't feel sorry for me. We had our fancy dinner with red wine and a terrific box of chocolates last night.  That is pretty traditional, for the wives of men in Barbershop groups.

A video of sweet love songs is my other little Valentine present to those who read the blog.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Anonymous said...

No fancy dinner here. Getting sacked from VY means there's little to celebrate, and even if there were we've got to save money for cornflakes and pasta.

Meredith Angwin said...

I actually cooked the dinner at home, but it did include red wine and a lovely box of chocolates. It wasn't that expensive overall.

Getting sacked is a terrible thing. It is a big deal. I am constantly sorry this is happening. I did everything in my own small power to prevent it. Throwing people out of their homes and jobs. Losing community and friendship and financial security, all at once. A huge source of stress and sorrow.

However, in my opinion, there IS always something to celebrate. Health. A loving family. Beautiful snow. There are still blessings.

May you have many blessings.