Friday, October 31, 2014

Super Scary True Video of Price Rises on the Grid: Halloween Special!

I thought I would share this two-minute video about coming price rises on the New England Grid.  Super-scary for Halloween, and true!  Video is about two minutes long: from WWLP in Massachusetts.

I will be giving more details (and a broader view) of price rises on the grid in my upcoming webinar on November 6: the Myth of the Polar Vortex: Winter Electricity Prices Pressures and Responses.  I hope some of you will attend.  Register now!

Meanwhile, enjoy the video.  This video is a good way to get scared, even without benefit of spooky music.


Pete said...

I see VY is running at 88% power lately. I assume they are coasting down at the end of fuel life?

The storm that blew through New England over the weekend caused spot power prices to spike up. This could be the beginning of an interesting winter.

Meredith Angwin said...


Indeed, this IS going to be an interesting winter!

Yes, VY is coasting down. I have heard from some people at the plant that this is painful to watch, because they know it will never be at full power again. It's sort of like tearing a bandaid off...very slowly.

By my calculations, if VY had been refueled for another run, it would have been refueled in October.