Sunday, December 27, 2015

Save Fitzpatrick: An Opportunity to Help

Fitzpatrick Nuclear plant is now the subject of a hard-hitting website, Upstate Energy Jobs.  The name of the site's video expresses why Fitzpatrick should be saved: This is What Closing a Power Plant Looks Like. (Video is also embedded below.)

You can take action to save the plant. On the home page, there are links to Sign the Petition and a link to Contact the Governor.   I urge you to follow both links.  Also, I encourage you to explore the website, which includes links to news about Fitzpatrick.

From the About page of the website:  Upstate Energy Jobs is funded by the County of Oswego Industrial Development Agency.  All hail to the sensible people of Upstate New York!  (My husband was born and raised in Upstate New York.)

Go to the Home Page, sign the petition, write an email to the Governor. I am grateful to Oswego Industrial Development Agency for building a page with convenient links--to help us make a difference.

Sad side note: Can you imagine any official Windham County governmental organization doing anything to save the jobs at Vermont Yankee?  I can't.  Looking back at everything, I am amazed by the lack of community feeling in greater Windham County.  End note.

Since upstate New York has a local movement that is trying to save the plant, let's help them.

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jim said...

Seasons Greetings & Happy New Year!!

Without being specious, I can see wily Cuomo replying -- and not a few Oswegans nodding in relief -- that "there'll be plenty of jobs replacing Friz with several "safe" windmill farms -- simple!"

Bingo in the lack of spine and sense of self-preservation by Windham officials, just like Westchester County here whom the Green Hudson River groups are apparently holding by whose sacs to axe Indian Point. Then where are the atomic workers unions and local Chamber of commence here too? I think part of the problem is many communities surrounding nuclear plants generally regard them as their reluctant (tax) benefactors which suspends any anti-nuke sympathies (via FUD) they might deeply hold. The acid test is asking these same communities which power plant would they idealistically prefer in their communities; oil, gas, nuclear, wind or sun, and I think their answers would be somber for the nuclear side. Of course it's a battle for hearts and minds here, and the key to nuclear acceptance and appreciation is enlightenment and mass education -- something the nuclear community has been long criminally negligent of providing while they go gaa-gaa over new whiz-bang reactor designs that the FUD'ed public will see won't ever see light of day.

James Greenidge
Queens NY