Friday, April 22, 2016

Earth Day with Earth's Defenders

Every day is Earth Day. Or at least, much of my life is Earth Day.  I am active in being kind to the Earth---by encouraging the use of nuclear energy.

For my post today, I will share some Earth Day videos and links.

Robert Downey Jr.

 Robert Downey Jr. (a celebrity, by golly!) speaking in favor of nuclear energy.


Two mothers in California have started an organization: Mothers For Nuclear.  They are both nuclear professionals. This will mean that anti-nuclear activists will almost certainly deny that they know anything.

I encourage you to encourage them.  Visit their website, and contact them.

from Mothers For Nuclear website

Robert Stone on the Education of an Environmentalist

Robert Stone, director of Pandora's Promise, in Scientific American on The Education of an Environmentalist.

Stone didn't always like nuclear.  He had to learn about it first.

Vermont Yankee  and Hoover Dam

Last year, on Earth Day, I posted Atoms not Dams, including that Vermont Yankee made more power each year than Hoover Dam did (per year...Hoover Dam is older).  Worth revisiting!

Happy Earth Day to All!  Go Green!  Go Nuclear!

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jim said...

Ever a great job, Meredith!

I have to remark that Earth Day baby Robert Downey Jr. artfully did NOT say HE was pro-nuclear; he was offhand "quoting" that some sources say that perhaps nuclear is the way to go. He only lately got lassoed into non-committedly responding to questions of things nuclear due his stints in "Ironman" where the character is always playing around nuclear reactors and it's only heavily "implied" that the suit is nuclear powered (he nearly suffers radiation poisoning by it in one movie yet the word nuclear tied with the suit is never used.) When a celeb outright comes out declaring they're pro-nuclear and not quoting sources of what we should think then I'll put them in the ranks of a genuine pronuke celeb Paul Newman who sadly died way too young to help the cause.

James Greenidge
Queens NY