Friday, February 5, 2010

Tritium Summary

I have done several posts on tritium in the past few days. Some are quite long. So here's an executive summary

In Tritium Is Three, I pointed out the three important questions about the tritium leak at Vermont Yankee
1) Is the tritium a danger to public health?
2) Does the existence of a tritium leak prove that the plant is badly managed?
3) Did Entergy lie about its underground piping?

The next two posts, Tritium and Health and Tritium, Oil and Kale answer the first question about health. Tritium is not dangerous at the levels found in the test wells. These posts compare the radiation levels to bananas and kale, and compare the spill levels to recent oil spills.

The next post, Tritium and Plant Management, answers the second question. The existence of a tritiium leak proves nothing about plant management. Tritium leaks have been found at many plants, and Vermont Yankee has taken all appropriate steps (test well, inspections, informing regulators and NRC) to handle the leak.

The next two posts answer the third question: Did Entergy lie about its underground piping? These are long posts containing many quotes.

In Miscommunication? I point out that the different groups have different definitions of underground and buried, the terms were used interchangeably in many cases, and there was plenty of room for honest misunderstandings.

In the final post, Piping and Misinformation, I ask a simple question: in all this testimony, why did nobody refer to a piping diagram? The regulators may have had such diagrams, but not looked at them. Or the regulators didn't request such diagrams. In either case, the regulators, as well as Entergy, has serious egg on its face. Referral to such diagrams could have put a complete end to any misunderstanding or miscommunication.

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