Monday, February 15, 2010

Welcome and thanks

First, I would like to welcome a new Nuclear Blogger, and thank her or him for the shoutout.

Welcome, DY at Nuclear Today and Nuclear for the Future and thanks for mentioning this blog.

And thanks to Dan Yurman for an excellent post describing the Entergy issues at Indian Point and Vermont Yankee in historical perspective.

And finally, thanks to John Wheeler for a thoughtful description of what a small quantity a "pico" is. Great quote from John:

Said another way; if I had an olympic swimming pool full of pure water and I sprinkled in 0.0003 grams of tritium (less than the mass of one drop of water), then mixed it up, I would have a mixture containing 1,000,000 picocuries of tritium per liter.

We all appreciate the mutual support of our fellow bloggers. Thank you all.

A short video from Burlington Free Press about the search for the source of tritium at Vermont Yankee. Including some ice fishing on the Connecticut River within sight of the plant.

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