Sunday, February 13, 2011

39th Carnival of Nuclear Energy Blogs

The 39th Carnival of Nuclear Energy Blogs is up at Cool Hand Nuke.

The Cool Hand Nuke website is more than a blog: it's a job board, a employer directory, a salary calculator for nuclear jobs, and a game room. Oh yes, it's a blog, too!

Today Cool Hand Nuke is hosting the 39th Carnival of Nuclear Energy blogs. This Carnival is full of truly amazing exhibits.
  • See Rod Adams of Atomic Insights explain why the Natural Gas Strong Man wants us to believe that methane will be cheap forever. (Each reactor-year of delay means about $350 million in additional methane sales.)
  • Watch Brian Wang of Next Big Future describe amazing feats of long-life (reactors) through nanosteel, while simultaneously tracking nuclear builds throughout the world.
  • Observe the warning at the Tunnel of Love! Gail Marcus of Nuke Power Talk discusses Divorce and Nuclear. Actually, not much to warn about. Statistics show that the divorce rate of nuclear engineers is very low, compared to other professions.
  • In Vermont, on the other hand, it's always time for a spat, and Meredith Angwin (me) of Yes Vermont Yankee covers a big spat (lawsuits) and a small spat (blog comments by an anti-nuclear lobbyist).
  • Love and Art time. Visit the Nuclear Art Exhibit by Suzanne Hobbs in the ANS Nuclear Café tent. It's a major public show by several young artists of the Nuclear Renaissance, and it is right here at the Carnival.
  • Dan Yurman, in an amazing display of quick motion, is in several tents at the same time! At his own blog, Idaho Samizdat, he updates the story of nuclear power in Turkey. Their first buy was from Russia, but the second one is from Westinghouse Toshiba.
  • Simulataneously, at the Cool Hand Nuke tent, Yurman shows that two American states, Minnesota and Kentucky, have lifted their bans on new nuclear construction.

From lawsuits to love and back again, it's a great Carnival. You'll be happy you visited!

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