Monday, February 28, 2011

41st Carnival of Nuclear Energy Blogs

The 41st Carnival of Nuclear Energy Blogs is up at Cool Hand Nuke.

Once again, Jeff Madison of Cool Hand Nuke has done an admirable job of putting together the best of the blog posts.

Many posts, like Brian Wang at Next Big Future, and Charles Barton at Nuclear Green, discuss big topics such as thorium reactors here and in China, and the role of nuclear energy in preventing global warming. Barton also notes that perhaps we should be talking a bit more about nuclear power's other advantages: for example, its economic advantages. Similarly, Cool Hand Nuke describes Spain's recent pro-nuclear turn-around. Dan Yurman at Fuel Cycle Week describes the upcoming need for MOX fuel while Gail Marcus of Nuke Power Talk discusses why China is leading the way in so many things nuclear. Steve Aplin of Canadian Energy Issues describes the development of a hydrogen economy based on nuclear heat. At the ANS Nuclear Cafe, George Stanford talks about Obama's nuclear policy, and back at Next Big Future, Brian Wang castigates the NRC for taking 7 to 20 years to approve a new reactor design. (Yes indeed Brian. And what they do with re-licensing is also a crying shame.)

Two other posts take a more personal approach. Suzanne Hobbs of PopAtomic asks why politicians are always saying "there's no silver bullet for the energy crisis" when actually, there is one. It's nuclear. She describes her efforts to get the word out about this neglected silver bullet. Rod Adams of Atomic Insights asks why we are doing this outreach? What drives most of us to support nuclear? His conclusion is that we are doing it for our grandchildren. Both posts are very inspiring!

Come to the Carnival! Learn! Be inspired! No admission fees! No high-calorie sweets! The only Carnival you can attend easily in this lousy weather!

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