Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Supporting Vermont Yankee: New Posts about the e-Book

Yesterday's blog post announced the Voices for Vermont Yankee e-book, available for $2.99 on Kindle and Nook.   There are three more blog posts today that welcome this book.

Rod Adams

Let's start with Rod Adams, who posted Voices for Vermont Yankee at his blog this morning.  Adams wrote:

(This book)  is a good read; especially if you sometimes despair for American democracy. The people who support the plant are well educated, well spoken and passionate about the importance of clean, reliable, safe energy for now and for the future. I highly recommend the book and gave it 5 stars in my review on Amazon.

Thank you, Rod!

Gail Marcus

Gail Marcus, former president of the American Nuclear Society, blogs at Nuke Power Talk.  Today, Marcus posted: A New E-Book.  She wrote:

The book is truly a cost-effective investment for anyone who engages in discussions about the merits of nuclear power.  It costs only $2.99 (25% of which Meredith and George have pledged to give to the Ethan Allen Institute, an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization devoted to free-market public policy research and education).  It is a compendium of arguments for nuclear energy, in many voices and from many perspectives, so should be a valuable reference tool.  Meredith also hopes it will inspire others to take an activist role for nuclear energy.

Clearly, the book provides both a model for the types of actions that have proved successful and some of the facts that she and the others have found useful in framing their arguments.

Thank you, Gail!  

And thank you to Rod and Gail for the other good things they said in their posts.

ANS Nuclear Cafe

Well, this is a little awkward.  The third post is one I wrote myself, at ANS Nuclear Cafe!  Most of the post is a celebration of Vermont Yankee's decision to refuel,  Some of the post is about the book.  Vermont Yankee and Optimism gives many reasons why I am optimistic about the plant's future.  Yes, there's even a graphic of natural gas prices and rig counts.  

However, I do say this about the genesis of the book:

I am sure you will find the combined statements in support of Vermont Yankee, all together in a book, more impressive than scrolling through my blog posts [of the statements].  Within the book, they are beautifully organized and presented (George’s work) and the statements themselves are so powerful....

...Let me give one example of why there should be eBooks. If you want to read Isaac Asimov’s Robot stories, why leaf through tattered old copies of science fiction magazines? The stories were first published in such magazines, but later they were assembled in a book: "I, Robot." It is much easier to buy the book directly.

I encourage my fellow pro-nuclear bloggers to build eBooks, and I hope that many of them will do so!  

And I hope many of the people who read this blog will buy and enjoy Voices for Vermont Yankee.

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