Thursday, February 28, 2013

Amazon Fun, Another Review, and Some Blog Changes


In the Amazon Oil and Energy Section,  Voices for Vermont Yankee is now 15th in books (that's all books, not just Kindle) and #1 in Kindle Books about Regional Planning.   It is also featured as a Hot New Release in the Oil and Energy Industry Amazon web page.

No.  I have no idea what this really means, and it will undoubtedly change tomorrow.  These numbers are updated hourly.  But just for fun, I have taken some pix of the Amazon rankings.

Voices for Vermont Yankee is also available for Barnes and Noble Nook, but I don't see any equivalent rankings on the site.  They may well be there...I just don't see them.

Another Review 

Today,  Steve Aplin posts about wind, the Trojan Horse for natural gas plants. He writes the blog Canadian Energy Issues.  Today's post Friendly communities key to energy infrastructure expansion in Ontario: gas plants the wake-up call is insightful but oddly familiar.  Some things don't change much, alas, north of the border.

Near the end of the post, Aplin comments on this blog and the Voices for Vermont Yankee book. Here is some of what he said:

The current premier’s government heeded the noisy opponents, and it got the gas plants fiasco. It would not hurt to at least listen to the quiet supporters.

These supporters are intelligent and articulate, in every nuclear host community. Meredith Angwin, publisher of the excellent Yes Vermont Yankee, has written many articles featuring the supporters of Vermont’s only nuclear plant. They are worth reading. As I said, there is a qualitative difference in the rhetoric of pro-nuclear people and opponents.  Meredith and her husband George have published an e-book that compiles Meredith’s accounts of Yankee supporters.

Blog Changes

I have also made two changes today to the blog structure: I added two widgets.  One is a direct link to purchasing the book on Amazon (I bet  you are surprised at that one!) and the second is something I should have done long ago.  I added a translation widget.

My focus of this blog is very Vermont-centric, but people all over the world have similar issues about energy sources. About 15% of the blog readers do not live in the United States. It's about time I recognized all the people interested in this blog, and put that translation widget in place.  I should have done it much sooner. Well, it's there now, at least.

Update: Oops. I underestimated the non-US readership. World-wide readership is above 20% , with Germany and Russia leading the list.

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