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Supporting State Science Education: PSB Comments by Carlos Pinkham

You can still comment to the Public Service Board

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This is one of a series of posts containing  people's comments to the Public Service Board about the Vermont Yankee agreement. The comments describe some of the reasons the Board should grant a Certificate of Public Good (CPG) to Vermont Yankee.

I hope these examples will inspire you to write your own  comment to the board.   Here's the link for comments.

Comment by Dr. Carlos Pinkham

Dr. Carlos Pinkham
Making his statement at PSB hearing
November 2012
I would like to address one small, but for Vermont, significant aspect of the public good served by Entergy Vermont Yankee (EVY).  The Vermont State Science and Mathematics Fair (VSSMF) is the premier STEM competition in the state for grades 5-12.  Each year it awards nearly $1,000,000 in scholarships to Vermont Colleges and Universities. It also awards prizes and trips to compete in national and international STEM competitions by our best students and their teachers.

VSSMF is an all-volunteer organization.  For the past seven of the 10 years the VSSMF has been affiliated with these national and international competitions, EVY has been one of our biggest supporters, providing 6% of our $25,000 annual budget and two to six judges.

Nothing can impact Vermont more significantly than inspiring its youth to get excited about STEM.  I propose that for this reason alone, EVY should be granted the amended Certificate of Public Good.

Carlos F. A. Pinkham, PhD
Co-Director, VSSMF


Carlos Pinkham is Professor Emeritus of Biology at Norwich University.  Courses taught included Environmental Biology.  Former Environmental Science Officer and Senior Consultant for Army Reserve and National Guard Preventive Medicine Science Officers. 

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Meredith Angwin said...

As I announced a few months ago, I do not publish comments which attack Vermont Yankee or its workers. (I used to publish some of those comments, now I publish none.)

In other words: Yes, I saw it. No, it is not going to be posted here. This is my policy and nothing personal about the person who made the comment.