Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Carnival of Nuclear Energy at Northwest Clean Energy Blog

The Carnival of Nuclear Energy Bloggers 275 is now posted at Northwest Clean Energy Blog.

Full disclosure: John Dobken and I worked together on this Carnival. Nuclear bloggers take turns hosting the Carnival. This is the first time Northwest Clean Energy Blog has hosted it.

I think we put together an excellent Carnival.  The Carnival summarizes blog posts on three topics:
  • Why We Need Nuclear Power: Blog posts from near and far
  • Looking Toward the Future: Blog posts on new initiatives
  • Fighting the FUD: A few blog posts on combating Fear Uncertainty and Doubt spread by nuclear opponents

Reading a Carnival is a fun, quick way to catch up on important events and posts in the nuclear world. Visit the  Carnival of Nuclear Energy Bloggers 275!

Read it, tweet it, comment on it!

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