Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Off to Britain for the Nevil Shute Society

Balliol  front of the quad

Hopefully, while you are reading this,  I will be in Britain.

Specifically, I will be in Oxford, at Balliol College, and at the Nevil Shute Society 2015 meeting, where I am giving a talk.

If you follow the meeting link above, you can see that my talk is "Nevil Shute for Project Managers."

Nevil Shute 

Those of you who follow the blog may remember that I gave a course called Engineering Adventures with Nevil Shute. This was at the Dartmouth College extension program, Osher at Dartmouth.  That course led to further courses by Laura Schneider of the Nevil Shute Society, and the founding of a local branch of the Nevil Shute Society. This group meets once a month in Hanover, New Hampshire.

At Oxford, George and I will actually be staying in the dorms.  This is something that I certainly never even dreamed of being able to do, back I was growing up.  We will also have a visit to Bletchley Park, home of the WWII code breakers. The conference surely looks well-organized.

George and I are looking forward to this adventure!


Dennis McMahon said...

Have a wonderful time and do tell us more. Written a number of WW2 novels and read a great deal about where you are visiting. Best regards.

AuldLochinvar said...

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