Friday, June 10, 2016

A Positive Message: Pro-Nuclear Videos from World Nuclear Association

Recently, the World Nuclear Association made two pro-nuclear videos which are short, accurate, and charming.  Each one-minute video sends a clear message about the importance of nuclear energy for the future of the world.

These videos support the positive vision of the role of nuclear energy.  In two minutes, these videos show the reasons that most of us prefer nuclear energy to fossil fuels.

World Nuclear Association recently started a website The site includes a public declaration in favor of nuclear.  You can sign the declaration here.


Nuclear Energy Leaves More Space for Nature

Nuclear energy has a tiny footprint from World Nuclear Association on Vimeo.

Nuclear Energy Helps Solve the Climate Puzzle

Nuclear energy helps solve the climate puzzle from World Nuclear Association on Vimeo.


Eric said...

I love these!

Mitch said...

Er, how soon will these ever appear in New York City TV and cable where they'd do the most good to help Indian Point?

Meredith Angwin said...


I don't know if they ever will. I wish they would. I usually spend my time figuring out all sorts of ways that people can support nuclear energy as individuals. But, every now and again, I run up against the fact that some things (such as running short videos) take money. And there never seems to be money to do things that take money.

I think these videos could help Indian Point.


Engineer-Poet said...

TV stations run PSAs, though any station in NYC that did so would attract the wrath of Cuomo.

Trying to get them to go viral through social media costs little and might even work.