Saturday, November 27, 2010

The 29th Carnival of Nuclear Energy

The 29th Carnival of Nuclear Energy Blogs is up at Idaho Samizdat. I need to start by saying I am grateful to Dan Yurman for putting this post together over the Thanksgiving weekend! Many of the linked posts are spectacular.

Gwyneth Cravens and Dan Yurman link to their op-ed in the New York Post about Indian Point. Areva North America points to a William Tucker article in the American Spectator about the nuclear renaissance. Cool Hand Nuke describes how TVA may buy a six-pack of modular reactors. In my own blog, I explain why Vermont Yankee will probably receive a purchase offer.

In the international sphere, Charles Barton points out how little energy the Germans get from their photovoltaic investment. Rod Adams notes that mainstream media has just discovered that AP 1000 technology (design documents, etc) has been transferred to China. Rod posted about this when the deal happened, in 2007. At Next Big Future, Brian Wang describes how China is reducing coal consumption by building nuclear plants. This business of reducing coal consumption is happening all over. NEI Nuclear notes describes how Ontario may go nuclear; the province hopes to eliminate coal plants by 2014. Gail Marcus of Nuke Power Talk says that Poland has just joined the international Nuclear Energy Agency, NEA. However, United Kingdom may drop out of the NEA.

In a very important post, ANS Nuclear Cafe discusses how we talk about nuclear, and whether or not we truly communicate.

Reading the Carnival is a treat! After you read it, you will have a lot to communicate about!

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