Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Russia. Yucca Mountain. Serious Subjects. Silly Videos.

I'm not quite sure why I think these videos go together, but somehow I feel they do.

The first video is real. Vladimir Putin teasing Germany about not building new nuclear plants.

The second video is a satire about Jaczko and Yucca Mountain, shamelessly stolen from Dan Yurman's blog yesterday. Dan found it on a Wall Street Journal blog. Maybe I didn't steal it. Maybe it is just going viral, and I am helping.




I am strongly anti-video, when it comes to serious decision making.

Any video, by its very nature, misrepresents reality, and gives it's absolutely passive viewers scant room to accept/deny/reject/destroy the bogus "content" supposedly transmitted by the video.

Only print media, attached firmly to a responsible auteur, can avert the "Assange Effect"....(persons of no knowlege, no merit, inserting themselves by terrorist action, into supposedly "Serious" media discussion.)

Meredith Angwin said...

Thank you for the comment. I agree on preferring print media...I blog, after all! However, though videos distort reality, any abstraction from reality distorts it somewhat. Any abstraction: an article, blog post, letter to the editor, cartoon.

Also, I didn't mean these videos as a basis for serious decision making. The videos are amusing and thought-provoking. There are many reliable sources about Russian/European energy issues and about Yucca Mountain. These videos are not those sources.

Anonymous said...

I'd just like to say that, personally, I find Mr. Putin to be a kind of scary figure, and I don't really look to him on energy policy. I'm pretty sure that Mr. Putin is most concerned with what's best for Mr. Putin, Russia and its closest allies.

Still, I agree it is humorous. I just wish you had a clip from a different source making that comment, so I'd feel more comfortable sending other people to it. Wouldn't want people thinking Putin is one of my heroes hehe.