Sunday, January 16, 2011

35th Blog Carnival at NEI Nuclear Notes

The 35th Blog Carnival of Nuclear Energy is up at NEI Nuclear Notes. I love the title of this post:

Bullish Views, Big Perspectives and Burgeoning Economies

Depleted Cranium gives an excellent view of what progress (including abundant energy) has done for us to date: food safety, warm houses, safe travel. Suzy Hobbs discusses how the nuclear industry can improve its physical appearance. Several blogs such as Areva , Idaho Samizdat and Cool Hand Nuke, trace the story of plants proposed or under construction, and Steve Aplin of Canadian Energy Issues explains why China is eating our lunch. (It's like this. If we give in to those who try to make electricity more expensive, and China keeps building modern nuclear plants, we will end up with the energy crisis and the Chinese will end up with the industrial powerhouse country.) In the same vein, Gail Marcus describes the cautionary tale of how feed-in tariffs for solar are stressing Germany's power grid.

Several bloggers describe nuclear communication and its challenges. Margaret Harding points out ways in which BP mishandled communications during its crisis, providing lessons-learned for communications about any large technology. Rod Adams described opposition to power uprates at existing nuclear plants, and Jack Gamble refutes a critic who worries about the effect of nuclear on "the grandchildren." Other bloggers described hopeful new futures for nuclear power, including Robert Hargraves and Ralph Moir on thorium and Brian Wang on fusion.

It's always a pleasure to come to the Carnival, especially a Carnival full of good ideas, good news, and good ways to communicate. In other words, a Carnival of Bullish Views, Big Perspectives, and Burgeoning Economies!

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