Saturday, January 22, 2011

36th Carnival of Nuclear Energy Blogs --and a Video.

The 36th Carnival of Nuclear Energy Blogs is up at the ANS Nuclear Cafe.

In this Carnival, we learn
  • Zion plant may be sold instead of being decommissioned. (Atomic Insights)
  • Electric cars are only a small pollution-control advance over gasoline engines if they start with electricity from coal. Electric cars will be a great advance if they start with electricity produced in nuclear power plants. (PopAtomic)
  • Popular support for nuclear energy is on the increase in the United States. (ANS Nuclear Cafe)
  • Alvin Weinberg's predictions on energy were almost always correct. In this way, they are very different from Armory Lovins predictions. (Nuclear Green)
  • Dan Yurman's recent predictions that the Chinese would have to slow their rate of nuclear construction were correct. The Chinese are still building a lot of plants. They are just not building 80 GWe in 10 years (Idaho Samizdat)
  • In Canada, concerns about privatization of AECL are taking a back seat. Plans for a new nuclear plant are moving forward. (Canadian Energy Issues)
  • What does the new congress mean for nuclear? It's complicated. (Nuke Power Talk)
  • Gwyneth Cravens is visiting Vermont and giving several talks, including one at the State House in Montpelier. (Yes Vermont Yankee)
  • Uranium extraction from seawater looks promising (Next Big Future)
  • Talking bears are featured in a new video that "paraphrases every conversation I have ever had with an anti-nuclear activist" (Nuclear Fissionary)
The video is excellent, and I share it below. As Dan Yurman describes it in the Carnival:

This video is the perfect vehicle for sending this message and it is all because of monotone. The monotone, unwavering and robotic delivery of the animations inserts a fresh breath of calmness and seeming neutrality to this heated debate.

Come to the Carnival. Learn. Have fun. Watch a video!


Gwyneth Cravens said...

The talking-bears video is great. Do you have a link to it?
Many thanks,

Meredith Angwin said...


Two links. Directly to YouTube so you can get embed codes and so forth

And the original, on Jack Gamble's blog, since he made the video

It is terrific. A big Thank-You to Jack for making this video!