Saturday, April 2, 2011

46th Carnival of Nuclear Energy Blogs

The 46th Carnival of Nuclear Energy Blogs is now up at Next Big Future. It is a magnificent Carnival, because the bloggers are finally finding out enough about Japan to write some great posts. This Carnival could be called: Recent Information in Perspective.

Posts include:
  • Retrospectives on the problems in Japan
  • Fuel pools and spent fuel and the Blue Ribbon Committee in the United States
  • Advanced systems such as Pebble Bed Reactors and thorium reactors
  • Dangers of different energy technologies (including nuclear)
  • Whether MOX fuel makes the Japanese situation much more dangerous
  • The George Monbiot/Helen Caldicott debate (hint. Monbiot actually knows stuff.)
  • Why you shouldn't take potassium iodide
  • Probabilistic Risk Assessment:invented in America, it should probably be used more in Japan.
This is one GREAT Carnival, and thanks to Brian Wang for assembling it!

An Apology

I put up a post last night with a video of a tour of the Waterford nuclear plant. The Today Show toured this Entergy-owned plant, which has successfully weathered hurricanes.

However, the TV show took the video down, and my embedding failed. So I deleted my blog post. If you got an email alert about a blog post named "Waterford" and now you can't find the post, that's the reason.

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