Saturday, April 23, 2011

Update on the Lawsuit

Yesterday morning, Entergy filed for an injunction in federal court. Entergy asked that the state be enjoined against shutting down Vermont Yankee while lawsuits and appeals were pending. This was a predictable move in many lawsuits. Without an injunction against taking action, one side wins without a trial. You can imagine: "The renters sued me, so I will kick them out right now!" That sort of thing.

Update: Terri Hallenbeck of the Burlington Free Press has a well-written story about the filing, with more details.

According to a April 6 article by Bob Audette in the Brattleboro Reformer (the article is behind a paywall now) a report by Jefferies, an investment advisory company, predicted the plant would run beyond the March 2012 cut-off date. A quote from the report: "We believe it is presumptuous to assume that the plant will be shut down or that Entergy would lose the lawsuit."

Also yesterday, Governor Peter Shumlin gave a press conference. True North Reports has an excellent blog post about his press conference. In the conference, Shumlin repeated his claim that Entergy supported Act 160. Further, he claims that he himself had never discussed the safety of the plant, just the reliability. In the well-edited True North video that heads this post, most of the video time is given to Shumlin's answers at that conference.

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Joffan said...

Governor Shumlin, in that case would you support the building of a new, 21st-century, nuclear power station?