Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Motive and Results for Vermont Yankee Rally: Guest Blog at ANS Nuclear Cafe

Today I was a guest blogger at ANS Nuclear Cafe. (ANS is the American Nuclear Society). I blogged about the pro-nuclear rally that we held earlier this month in Brattleboro.

When I blog for ANS Nuclear Cafe, I can be certain that most of the readers are in favor of nuclear energy, but that few of the readers are up-to-date on Vermont. So my ANS posts have a somewhat different slant. In this post, I wrote more about our motivation for the rally, and how we felt about it afterwards.

I hope my regular YesVY readers will enjoy my post on the ANS blog: Rally for Nuclear Power and Vermont Yankee.

The lower right-hand picture shows my husband, George T. Angwin, and Mary Daly, a recent candidate for the legislature. It's not the best picture of either of them, but it is the picture I have from the rally, so I thought I would include it here. For me, it brings back very good memories of that morning.

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