Sunday, September 4, 2011

68th Carnival of Nuclear Energy Bloggers at Deregulate the Atom

The 68th Carnival of Nuclear Energy Bloggers is up at Deregulate the Atom, Rick Maltese's blog. Maltese is hosting the Carnival for the first time, and he has ranged far and wide to get the best blogs into this Carnival.

Maltese starts the Carnival off with Richard Schmidt's guest post on Yes Vermont Yankee. Great way to start, Rick!

The Carnival includes posts by Margaret Harding on industry economics, a movie about Shoreham at Rod Adams blog, Dan Yurman debunking Markey about Hurricane Irene (go Dan!), John Bickel pointing out that, no, we didn't "almost lose" North Anna. Steve Aplin looks at Obama, jobs and smog: Obama says yes to jobs-and-smog, while there is a way to have jobs without smog. Gail Marcus discusses Japan and transparency, comparing the way the U.S. NRC responded to TMI with the way the Japanese handled Fukushima. Charles Barton sails into nuclear proliferation, and makes a strong case that today's concerns will change drastically by mid-century. He also follows the Chinese and Indian situation, particularly with an intriguing post on Indian Deproliferation and Thorium Fuel.

And there's more! There's more! Actually, there's too much to list. Leaving out some excellent posts, I need to recommend Maltese's own post: F.E.A.R. (Fukushima Emits Acceptable Radiation) which he modestly puts at the end of the list. Maltese's post is a thoughtful comment on Mark Lynas's recent essay: How Dangerous is the Fukushima Exclusion Zone.

Visit the Carnival! Bigger and better than ever!

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