Saturday, March 24, 2012

Law School Professor Explains Why the State Never Really Had a Case Against Vermont Yankee

Cheryl Hanna of Vermont Law School spoke on WCAX about the court case about Vermont Yankee. The state of Vermont never had much of a case to start with.

I have tried to embed the clip of her interview. If I have not succeeded, here's the link to the three minute video on WCAX.

Meanwhile, Tony Klein, head of the Vermont House Natural Resources and Energy Committee, has always been committed to the fight against Vermont Yankee. a Vermont Digger article, Klein speaks about the court case:

“Was there disappointment? Yes. There was disappointment. Was there surprise? No. There was no surprise that the federal courts would rule in our favor. I never entertained real hope that that was going to occur.”

Klein didn't have hope that the Vermont law was constitutionally valid and would stand up in court? And he admits this? (It's worth reading the comments on that article.)

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