Thursday, May 24, 2012

Planned Disruption at NRC Meeting

Disruption at the NRC review meeting last night was carefully planned.  This video shows a lot of it, but not all.  It doesn't show the noisemakers and whistles in use, or the group chanting.

I have a cameo appearance in this two-minute video.
I also recommend this morning's Brattleboro Reformer article about the meeting.
Update: This Keene Sentinel article describes some of the noisy chanting.  Also describes how the one person who spoke in favor of Vermont Yankee was shouted down.


jimwg said...

Still, the media is going to more or less praise their wisdom and unselfish profitless eco/life advocacy and defiance, aren't they? Will the media knock or mock their puerile behavior and vaporware Doomsday claims? I just can't hold my breath that long. Nuclear energy acceptance truly is a perception game now, and the antis are crackerjack at groundless shrill FUD. Sigh. Like that old phrase, I'm holding my lantern seeking that one truly fair and accurate reporter in the night...

James Greenidge

Thaddeus Severy said...

So here is a clear and concise demonstration of liberal dumbocrats. They do not and never will respect the rights, freedoms and/or opinions of their opponents. They also use violence, civil disobedience and intimidation to wage their argument. It is their way or no way and they will never stop willingly, which is why they must be stopped unwillingly.