Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Debate at WHMP: Blog Post at ANS Nuclear Cafe

Denise Vozella, WHMP News Director
 Bob Flaherty, WHMP Morning Show Host
On April 24, Richard Schmidt and I debated Jeff Napolitano and Michael J. Daley on WHMP radio in Northampton, Massachusetts.  My blog post about this debate is up this morning at ANS Nuclear Cafe: Be Here Now and the Debate. You can also hear the debate on this page of the WHMP web site.  We are grateful for WHMP for hosting this event. 

I titled my post ANS post Be Here Now because a lot of the debate was about the nature of reality.  The opponents refused to admit that shutting down a nuclear plant meant encouraging fossil fuels. They didn't want to talk about the choices we make today.

Read the post at ANS Nuclear Cafe for a fuller account.

Bill Newman, Host of the Bill Newman Show
Mary Serreze, Reporter for WHMP and Northamptonmedia.com

Me and Jeff Napolitano.
Napolitano is a non-violence instructor
with the SAGE antinuclear alliance.

Michael J Daley, nuclear power opponent and author.
Richard Schmidt, conservationist and engineer.

About the photos.  Vozella and Flaherty were hosts for the first hour. Newman and Serreze were hosts for the second hour.  Schmidt and I debated Daley and Napolitano. All photos courtesy of WHMP.

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