Sunday, October 21, 2012

127th Carnival of Nuclear Energy at ANS Nuclear Cafe

The 127th Carnival of Nuclear Bloggers is hosted this week at ANS Nuclear Cafe.   The Carnival links to many of the best pro-nuclear blog posts of the week and is well worth reading.  It's sort of like following nuclear subjects on twitter, but with faster references to the best material.

This week, there's lots of good news.  Two posts explain how recent data shows there is probably no melt-through of the reactor pressure vessel at Fukushima Daiichi number 1.  In Canada, the major (750 MW) power upgrade of Bruce nuclear station is near completion.  That's more upgraded power than all of the power from Vermont Yankee!  I am impressed!   More stories describe the new generation of nuclear vendors in Britain, and twelve new nuclear plants (world-wide) starting up in 2012. There's a great new video from Idaho National Labs, and a guest post at Yes Vermont Yankee about the non-safety problems of the San Onofre steam generators. The role of radiation in cancer treatment is explored and hailed.  Another post describes waste processing...for solar panels.  Not an easy job!

In politics, the news is not nearly so cheerful.  We have the technology, but...there's taxes and lawsuits in Vermont, a description of why the current administration is not actively pro-nuclear, and a question about nuclear energy and its political constituency (does it have one?)

Well, you can always read the technology posts!

Get an overview of the entire  world of nuclear energy! Visit the Carnival!

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