Monday, October 8, 2012

Next Big Future: Carnival of Nuclear Energy 125

Next Big Future: Carnival of Nuclear Energy 125.  Once again, Brian Wang has put together an excellent Carnival.

Uranium 233 as a resource for the future; Japan's new nuclear safety authority (is it good enough?); x-rays and science; the use of nuclear "waste" to promote safety and health; detailed post on potential San Onofre restart; public pro-nuclear activities in Tennessee, Quebec and Japan; new plants under Japan; and the closing of a library (the Nuclear Information Library)..also in Japan.

Come to the Carnival. You never know what you will find there!   But it is fun to take the trip!


PMSS said...

Thanks for posting this. Today I watched Discovery Channel documentary film investigating the reasons that made the Fukushima disaster one of the worst in world history titled Nuclear Nightmare: Japan in Crisis. I recommend you to watch this, if you did n't watch yet.

Meredith Angwin said...


The Fukushima disaster was far from one of the worst disasters in world history, or even one of the worst energy-related disasters.

The documentary you cite was made within a month of the earthquake, and was quite biased. A year later, the World Health Organization has come to very different conclusions about the effect of Fukushima. Basically, few people within Japan are affected, and nobody outside of Japan has been or will be affected.

Two World Health Organization links which I am sure you will find reassuring

The pdf below is 1.8 MB and will take a while to download