Sunday, January 20, 2013

140th Carnival of Nuclear Energy Bloggers at ANS Nuclear Cafe

The 140th Carnival of Nuclear Energy is posted today at ANS Nuclear Cafe.  Will Davis put together a terrific set of blog posts, including more about low-level radiation, fuel cycle news (DOE spent fuel strategy and more), building support for uranium mining in Virginia, nuclear films and video clips, new submarines and the Neutron Express (the way nuclear energy is powering the UK rail system). Plus, a thank-you to Dr. Patrick Moore, Greenpeace founder and pro-nuclear advocate.  Dr. Moore is retiring from CASEnergy Coalition.

Once again, a terrific Carnival. You will enjoy your visit!

The Carnival was here, at Yes Vermont Yankee, last week.  Sigh.  I know I can't always have the Carnival at my place, and every party can't be for my birthday.  Someday, I will be mature enough to accept that.

Meanwhile, let me encourage you to read the latest Carnival.

I also recommend that you read a great letter from Evan Twarog, a teen-ager who has posted at Yes Vermont Yankee on several occasions. Twarog wrote: Proudly Made in America.  Electricity from Vermont Yankee...made in America!

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