Sunday, March 3, 2013

Video: 83 Days to a New Set of Steam Generators at TVA

Sometimes a girl (or a grandma) just wants to have fun.

I love this video.  It's a time-lapse of a big, successful construction project. TVA replaced four steam generators in just 83 days!  Back-in-the-day when I was in the Steam Generator Project Office at EPRI, such a replacement project took about a year.

These steam generators practically fly into place.   Fun to watch.  The top of the building being removed. The huge crane being built.  The old steam generators: up and out.  The new steam generators: up and in! Never a dull moment in this video.


I also recommend  the NuclearGrrl post about this video, TVA also posted some shorter videos, with more explanation of what is happening in each video.


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