Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Reference list about effects of closing Vermont Yankee

My op-ed, Vermont Yankee Closing Will Hurt Vermont,  was based on many references. This list of links helps support it, but no simple list can be a complete set of references on these subjects.

Wind Projects in Vermont

Representative Klein on not-expecting wind projects in Vermont for about ten years

Natural Gas

ISO says natural gas dependence is key strategic risk

FERC Market Assessment of price nationally

Matt Wald of the NYTimes on natural gas and New England

20% electricity price rise expected in Boston this winter

Portland at Forbes on the gas crisis in New England

Winter Reliability with Oil

ISO Winter reliability program---burning oil

Hydro Quebec and more

When HQ exported only half the electricity during a cold snap...

HQ Planning document:
Note page 6 on 97% of electricity goes to Heritage Pool in Quebec
Note page 32 on plans for profits from exports

An older blog post about HQ and profits.
HQ charts showing where their profits come from.  This post is old, but HQ puts equivalent charts in every annual report.  Look at the blue charts...also see page 32 of planning document above

The great ice storm of 1998

Careful review of who-owns-what in the weird structure of Gaz  Metro and HQ. My basic conclusion---ordinary shareholders do not influence these companies.  The government of Quebec controls the actions of these companies.  It's hard to figure out, however.  Good links within the post.

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