Thursday, March 6, 2014

Living Well after Vermont Yankee

ANS Nuclear Cafe on Living Well After Vermont Yankee

This morning I have a post about people who work at Vermont Yankee at ANS Nuclear Cafe.

 What are the next step for them?  I discuss older workers, younger workers, nuclear-specific workers and people with generalized skills.  The post is optimistic (without being saccharine).  I specifically mention the everyday pain nuclear opponents inflicted on Vermont Yankee workers.  The situation of Vermont Yankee workers is not covered in any of the mass media.

I hope you will read my post and comment on it.

Say it with music

Two songs that express my feelings.

Farewell to the Monty describes the pain of a coal mine closing. My father-in-law was a coal miner. (He had left the mines and gotten other jobs before I met him.)  Farewell to the Monty is from an album of industrial folk music The Iron Muse.

The second song is very close to my heart.  LeChaim, from Fiddler on the Roof.  

Life has a way of confusing us, blessing and bruising us: Drink LeChaim, to Life! 


Enjoy the music.  I hope you read the post, Moving Forward and Living Well, at ANS Nuclear Cafe.  I hope you comment on it.

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guy page said...

"our great men have written words of music to be used when hardship must be faced" - and I might add, great women, too. Thanks for your ongoing contribution of factual clarity in a fact-obfuscated advocacy environment, Meredith